Four Female Icons in One Room: A Must-Watch Video


Join Zoe Smith, Laura Bassett, Karen Carney and Sally Gunnell as they talk about their sporting journies during their visit at the Leisure Industry Week earlier this year.

Did you know that Zoe Smith started her carrier as a gymnast? “A bad one” She confessed.

Sally Gunnell found out that she could run faster than the boys when she was playing kiss-chase at primary school.

If there is one inspiring video you need to watch this week, this is the one. Not only you will get to know everything there is to know about these four female icons, you will also discover things never heard before, all with a fun and light-hearted vibe to it.

(Order from left to right in above image)

  • Name: Sally Gunnell
  • Age : 49
  • Sport: Athletics – 400m Hurdles
  • Biggest Achievement: Gold Medal at 1992 Barcelona


  • Name: Karen Carney
  • Age : 28
  • Sport: Football
  • Biggest Achievement: UEFA Women's cup, FA Women's Premier League
  • Lives: Solihull
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  • Name: Laura Bassett
  • Age : 31
  • Sport: Athletics – Football
  • Biggest Achievement: Women's World Cup Semi-Finalist 2015
  • Lives: Nuneaton
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  • Name: Zoe Smith
  • Age : 21
  • Sport: Weightlifter
  • Biggest Achievement: First UK woman to win a medal at the Commonwealth Games
  • Lives: London
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