Got a goal? Need a plan to achieve it? The BodyPower Plan Store is a collection of tailored plans designed by the world’s finest trainers, athletes and coaches.

These comprehensive plans cater for your needs, whether you want to lose fat, build muscle, boost strength, or transform your body. In just four simple steps, BodyPower Plan Store can deliver the perfect package for you whether you are a novice or an fitness enthusiast.

Training Plans

What is your ability level?


As a beginner, this plan is for people who are new to training or those who have never followed a specific plan. The aim is to focus primarily on compound movements and develop the correct form. Most likely if you are an office worker and aren’t very active then this plan will be the most sustainable for you. There will be a lot for you to learn about working out and nutrition but it is fully described to you within the contents of this plan.


An intermediate lifter would be someone who has been to the gym for a few months and has been following a structured plan. The program prioritises compound movements for the major muscle groups with higher frequency than a beginner. It is best suited to someone that is more active and exercises 3 times a week or has a more active job. Everything is explained within the plan where necessary.


Being an advanced lifter means that you have been going to the gym for about a year and have followed a structured plan previously. You have an understanding of how to train for progression and understand basic nutrition principles. Even if your nutrition or training knowledge isn’t advanced then everything is fully explained within the contents of the plan. This plan is for people who fit the previous criteria explained and who have an active job or someone who exercises more than 3 days a week.