The Most Downloaded 6-Pack Guide of 2017 is now available FREE! 

Created by athlete adventurer Ross Edgley, this 10-page ab guide contains:

  • 10 Exercises to Increase Core Activation 27%
  • 3 Reasons People Can't Get a Visible Six-Pack
  • 4 Principles Every Core Conditioning Routine Must Have
  • NO sit-ups!

Introduction From Ross:  

Crunches are the most overrated exercise in strength and conditioning! 

A bold statement to begin a six-pack guide with I know, but allow me to explain. A recent study conducted at the Department of Kinesiology at The Pennsylvania State University, USA, served to challenge the crunches dominance as the best six-pack exercise. They set out to determine which training techniques activated the core muscles the best? Larger, ‘compound’ movements like the plank or smaller ‘isolation’ movements like the standard crunch.

The results laid the foundation for this 10-Page Ab Guide you’ll come to see. 

Do you want to develop steel abs?

Hey, I’m Ross Edgley. I’m determined to empower you with great abs. My only question is are you up for the challenge?