The UK’s first 100% certified organic flavoured Whey Protein

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Raw, detox and superfoods are on everyone’s minds. We believe this is because today’s consumer really cares about their body and what goes into it. We go further than that though, because even if foods are raw, detoxing or superfoods, they may still be pumped full of chemicals or produced unethically.

"We believe that organic is the WHEY AHEAD® for health & fitness. Why? Because being organic means that every single ingredient has to have been grown, made, produced, or processed without the use of 'nasties' such as pesticides, artificial chemicals, hormones, and genetic modification. This retains the maximum amounts of nutrients and is the true definition of pure. Each ingredient is traceable and inspected to the source. From a moral perspective, animal welfare and the sustainability of the environment are at the heart of the organic movement. We are passionate about giving people this choice." Says one of the company's representative.

WHEY AHEAD® is a 100% certified organic flavoured whey protein from grass-fed cows. With 3 different flavours: Naked/Unflavoured, Madagascan Vanilla and Peruvian Chocolate.. you will be be able to find the one that is for you. Check out the facts below and see what the company offer somethings in term of new and exciting health and fitness nutrition:

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