Learn, Compete and Spectate at BodyPower


Dedication, inspiration, motivation… the ethos of BodyPower and the core of everything we do. Witness awe-inspiring power and strength at the UK’s number one fitness show and even get involved if you think you have what it takes!


Fans of the Olympics will recognise the snatch and the clean and jerk. For those who don’t, the British Weightlifting feature at BodyPower is a great destination.

Featuring some of Britain's top competitors, including Olympic and Paralympic athletes and coaches, visitors will be able to enjoy demonstrations and advice as well as the opportunity to sample the sport in practical interactive sessions, including the lifts, vertical jump and standing long jump. For more information on this fantastic feature click here.


Hosted by World’s Strongest Man finalist Terry Hollands, watch the elite Strongmen and Women showcase superhuman feats of strength. Previously huge stars like Žydrunas Savickas, Eddie Hall and Brian Shaw have provided expert advice and demonstrations to the watching crowds, 2018 will also bring the highest calibre of athletes. If you think you have what it takes to compete then what are you waiting for, there are a variety of categories to enter.


A staple of BodyPower UK in recent years, the PowerLifting Championships, powered by the British PowerLifting Union, will once again welcome Britain's top powerlifters in what marks the sport's greatest domestic clash of the year.

The competition will follow a standard format, giving competitors the opportunity to perform attempts at maximal weight on three lifts: squat, bench press, and deadlift.

Don’t miss out on the chance to witness incredible strength athletes being pushed to the limit as they compete for the title!


Presenting the World’s First Sled Drag Championship! The fastest-paced competition ever to take place at BodyPower, athletes will race 100kg+ sleds over an 30-metre track in a knock-out, drag-race tournament until the 2018 Sled Drag King & Queen is crowned.

Created by Ross Edgley and refereed by the Royal Marines, the Sled Drag Championships were inspired by the teachings of The World’s Fittest Book (which will be launched at the BodyPower Expo) and has been designed to make athletes stronger, faster and more powerful versions of themselves.

Entry into the tournament is FREE, registrations will be open soon!

Get your tickets for BodyPower today!