IFBB BodyPower Pro Show Men’s Open Division Line Up


The UK’s only IFBB Pro event in 2016 is set to be another phenomenal occasion. Since running the first IFBB BodyPower Pro show in 2013, BodyPower has been a significant event for athletes looking to qualify for the Olympia weekend. Tickets are still available, so here’s why you can’t miss out.

Backed by a raucous UK crowd using bang bang sticks and air horns to generate an amazing atmosphere, 2016 will see a move into the Men’s Open Division as BodyPower bring fans a world class line-up of Mr. Olympia hopefuls.

Check out the full line up* below!

Paulo Almeida - Canada
Mehdi Ayari - Iran
Dainius Barzinskas - Lithuania
Nathan DeAsha - United Kingdom
Ibrahim Fahim - Egypt
Michael Kefalianos - Greece
Ronny Rockel - Germany
Daniel Toth - Hungary
Roelly Winklaar - Curacao
Maor Zaradez - Israel
Cecil Croasdaile - United Kingdom

*athletes confirmed to date – more names to be announced

For those who have never experienced a bodybuilding event before – this is a fantastic opportunity to learn what it’s all about. As well as an elite line-up BodyPower have also confirmed that legendary 5x Mr. Olympia and current champ Phil ‘The Gift’ Heath will be performing a guest posing routine in what is an incredible coup for the event. It will also see a return to the stage for British IFBB Pro Daz Ball. Having undergone an extremely tough 18 months in which he was diagnosed with acute kidney failure, resulting in a kidney transplant. We very much look forward to supporting Daz on his first official guest pose back on an IFBB Pro stage.

Competitors in a bodybuilding event train to develop all bodyparts and muscles to maximum size, showcasing a physique with definition and balance. There should be no “weak points” or underdeveloped muscles and the athletes follow a pre-competition training cycle to decrease their bodyfat levels as low as possible to remove the underskin water and show the quality of muscular density, separation and definition.

These qualities are displayed during two physique assessment rounds when competitors do 7 compulsory exercises during comparisons of 3 to 5 athletes proposed by the judges.

There is also a routine round when athletes can show their physique during 60-second free posing routine performed to the music of their choice.

For more information on the format of competitions and the rules, visit www.ifbb.com

To get your tickets for this fantastic evening on Friday 13th May from 8pm – simply click here and don’t miss out!