BodyPower 2016: A Sunday You Will Never Experience Again


Sunday... last day of the show, last opportunity for visitors to grab a selfie, to take home new products and to listen to the latest trends from the fitness and bodybuilding industries; but what an incredible last day thousands of visitors were able to witness!

As well as Ronnie Coleman, the 8 times Mr Olympia, and Jamie Alderton, the WBFF Pro, fitness entrepreneur and body transformation specialist, celebrating their birthday at BodyPower 2016, visitors came in mass to watch world records being attempted!

But if there is ONE THING you need to remember from the day, it's the exclusive Guest Pose performance by the legendary Kai Greene, the American IFBB professional bodybuilder who recently won the 2016 Arnold Classic.

More than an athlete, Kai Greene is a show-man! Standing alone of the stage, the man captivates the attention of hundreds of enthusiasts. The originality of his routine is outstanding and his stage presence is an art-form!

If you weren't there, you can still check the video! Watch it and get ready to be amazed!