A Super Saturday at BodyPower Expo 2017 as Day 2 Ends


It’s always the busiest day at the expo, and it’s really what makes the show so special. We saw thousands of fitness enthusiasts pour into the NEC for a record-breaking attendance day at BodyPower. The sight of fitness enthusiasts coming together in hoards was testament to the popularity of the show and the universal appeal of fitness at present.

As well as the likes of Kai Greene, arguably bodybuilding’s biggest star, there were the likes of Chris Eubank Jr, 5x Mr. Olympia 212 Flex Lewis, 4x Mr Olympia and legend Jay Cutler, Nikki Blackketter, Anna Churakova and the stars of the WBFF…non-stop selfies and inspiration.

If you missed it, here’s just some of the highlights of a brilliant day:

BodyPower Model Search

The inaugural outing of BodyPower Model Search was met with huge acclaim as spectators and competitors produced a big turn out for the opening rounds. The finals will conclude tomorrow and a male & female champion will be crowned. The Workout Arena was a perfect setting for a competition that will surely grow and grow in the coming years.


PCA is an innovative Bodybuilding federation trying to free competitors from the confines of only being able to compete under one governing body. The PCA Super Series will be tomorrow (which you can stream live), but today’s amateur competition was absolutely perfect, a real treat for bodybuilding fans.

The standard on show was testament to the high quality and strength in depth the PCA offers, with a variety of classes from PCA Juniors to PCA Ladies Toned Figure all doing themselves proud!

BodyPower Games

CrossFit™ was introduced to BodyPower in 2016 with the inaugural outing of the BodyPower Games. Over 300 competitors came last year, this year it was bigger and better than ever before!

High intensity functional fitness in a competitive format – and with a seating area added to cater for the demand – spectators all came away happy too.

Girl Power

Although BodyPower started out very much as a macho event that was attended mainly by men, over the years we’ve seen the female following grow and grow. Today, in the crowds, we saw more women than ever before!

Girl Power is the theatre that caters for every gym bunny or protein princess and the line-up today was outstanding. The likes of posing guru Audrey Kaipio was joined by Roxy Winstanley, Anna Churakova, Zsuszanna Toldi, Imogen Parfitt, Cristina Silva and Abby Pell for tips and advice on training, motivation and diet.

You can still buy a ticket either online or on the door for the last day of the show. We've got many more exciting events until 6pm with exclusive Q&A sessions, demonstrations and competitions. There is something for everyone, you won't be disappointed!

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