6 Great Weight Training Compound Movements for Rugby Players

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Having attracted the likes of Lewis Moody and James Haskell in previous years, it’s fair to say that Rugby forms a massive part of the BodyPower audience. Elite players speak, club players are regular visitors as they search for advice on weight training to improve performance.

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BodyPower are working with Rugby World in 2017 to increase the amount of rugby enthusiasts making their way to the show for fantastic theory and practical advice from leading educators and nutritionists that can push your levels to the limits.

Weights training forms an integral part of rugby, developing explosive, powerful muscles that can handle big hits, sprints and carries. In-season weight training tends to be limited to 2 days a week using full body workouts, however if you want to become a better player then there’s dynamic, compound exercises that you can do.

Here’s 6 great weight exercises that can make you a better rugby player:

Squats – Develop explosive speed and muscular endurance for forwards driving into rucks and mauls or backs sprinting for the line!

Side-Step Squats – Like lunges except that you lunge at a 45% angle. This strengthens the groin and the inner quads, which are crucial for a powerful, quick side step.

Deadlifts – An absolute must for every rugby player, either amateur or elite. Deadlifts provide good back and hamstring strength as well as maintaining your core stability.

Power Cleans – These are an excellent exercise for developing dynamic, raw power. Mastering the power clean can be tricky initially so it’s important to work on your form and technique – skills that you can learn at BodyPower!

Bench Press – Develop a strong upper body, a vital characteristic for every good rugby player. There’s not many better exercises to give you a strong upper body than the bench press.

Seated Military Press – Strong shoulders enable a rugby player to powerfully ruck, maul, scrummage and lift. Solid shoulders also help a rugby player to tackle harder and make contact more dynamically.

If you want to know more about performance-specific weight training or you want to ask the experts for advice on developing certain body parts then BodyPower is the perfect show for you!

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