The 'Weight Loss' Myth

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"We make sure that you lose 5 Kg in a month!", "3 kg down in a week. We guarantee you that.", "1 kg down in 3 days, or money back".

The tastiest promise that every gym offers to a new customer that made a resolution, found the motivation, decided to pick a hobby or simply felt the need for a change, is their mystical ability to help an individual lose an eye watering amount of weight in a short time and make sure they flaunt those washboard abs and that chiselled chest that they always dreamt of, in no time. The irony of this promise, that doesn't dawn upon many of these motivated but uninformed individuals, is that this oath that the gym undertook to guarantee an them results, would require them to walk or take a vehicle to the gym, only to walk again on a treadmill or put in the time on an elliptical cycle or a stationary cycle.

The early and rapid 'weight loss' observed on a weighing scale after a week or two of exercising, mostly on treadmills and cycles, is more a result of the body losing a lot of its water weight through sweat and less the body slimming down. These exercises that involve investing a period of time walking, running, cycling are commonly known as cardio vascular exercises or Cardio.

By definition, cardio exercises are done in order to raise the heart rate. By working your cardiovascular system, the heart, which is essentially a muscle, grows stronger. The stronger your cardiovascular system is, the more oxygen your capillaries deliver to the cells in your muscles. This in turn results in faster burning of fats in the body, which is essentially the main aim of any exercise.

cardio exercises for weight loss

The common misconception that a lot of gyms push under the pretence of "losing weight", is making a newcomer indulge in a lot of cardiovascular exercise, to fulfil the promise made in the first place to attain the business of that individual. The underlying problem here is the lack of knowledge that a trainer or an organisation decides to share with its newcomer customer about the long term results, or lack of, from sustained cardio to the body. After the initial month or so of the body getting used to the new routine of exercising that it had gone under, the results starting waning. The number on the weighing scale ceases to go down as rapidly as it did initially. The shape of the physique hasn't had any noticeable change like it did after a couple of weeks. So what changed?

The answer to this is that the body simply adapted to the consistent level of cardiovascular activity that the heart and body has been going under for a considerable period and no longer has the same effect on your body. When an individual puts the work in and notices the lack of results, their motivation takes a dent and sometimes can be the crippling blow to a person's mind-set.

The other explanation to this sudden lack in weight loss can be an increased gain in muscle weight from the weightlifting exercises. Simply put, losing fats from cardio and gaining muscle weight from the weight lifting evens out the results and thereby the change in number on the weighing scale did not have same drop as it did in the initial phase of your new routine. This quite basic change in the anatomy of the body is hard to spot for an individual newly diving into the world of fitness, as their mind-set is clinging on to the fact that the weight they worked so hard to lose has stunted its decline and pushes them to pursue redundant cardio exercises for longer periods and lesser results.

losing fats from cardio

The result of borderline fraudulent promises under the pretence of half a truth may not be beneficial to a newcomer into the world of fitness and hence, it is an essential duty of a trainer or an organisation educate an individual about the changes that happen to their bodies as a result of sweating it out under a specific routine, working towards their dream physique.

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