WBFF To Host UK Event at BodyPower UK 2017


The growth of BodyPower to become the world’s best consumer fitness expo has been supported by partnerships with leading brands, federations and athletes.

To continually grow, BodyPower has developed new partnerships each year and if you want to see a fitness competition in the UK this year with unrivalled glitz and glamour then look no further than Paul Dillet’s WBFF (World Beauty, Fitness & Fashion Inc.)

The most glamourous fitness show in the UK has become a partner of BodyPower and the WBFF will be delivering their UK event at BodyPower on Saturday 13th May 2017 from 6:30pm onwards.

This is an event that will be ticketed separately to the main BodyPower Expo tickets with tickets for spectators coming very soon.

One of the most exciting elements, however, is not the packed Auditorium and raucous atmosphere that BodyPower is well known for, it’s extremely exciting for WBFF competitors.

Paul Dillet himself has already said that ‘there is an overwhelming response from the fitness elite of Great Britain and all of Europe. Models from the region will show the world what they got in another spectacular night of fitness and fashion’.

Competitors will compete for the chance to become Europe’s next WBFF Pro athlete, potentially a catapult to a fabulous career in the fitness industry and certainly a prestigious accolade.

If you’re an athlete thinking of competing, then registration is now open.