Sculpt your Body to get that Aesthetic Look

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What would you do to have that tapered ‘V’?

Aesthetics are becoming increasingly popular in today’s fitness society. Athletes are moving away from being mass monsters, and are focusing more on having a tight waist, wide shoulders and a good ‘v’ taper. This is because it is a more appealing/attractive look to the majority of the public, and a more realistic view on how ‘health’ should look.

But the real question is, can anyone create an aesthetic physique?

I hear a lot of statements from guys in the gym about how they could ‘never’ achieve an aesthetic look, everything from having a 'blocky' waist to their chest not being in the right position.

I'm here to tell you that anyone can get an aesthetic/attractive physique regardless of the genetics. All you need to do is follow these guidelines;

1. Focus on Yourself

2. Balance

3. Body-Fat

4. Create the 'V'

Too many people get down or upset when they look at their favourite athlete and realise they can never look like him/her. And to be blunt, you won’t ever look like him/her. But, you could look better!? Everyone is born with different genetics, so it’s near impossible to look identical to another human being. SO, focus on improving your physique and maximising the potential of your own genetics, fill your mind with the vision of you with big arms, wide shoulders, small waist etc. And make choices in the gym to work towards it!

Get a friend to look at your physique (try to be subtle when you ask him/her this as you don’t want to creep them out) and ask them to be honest about any muscle imbalances you may have. Then you can work on the areas which seem to be lacking to ensure that you have perfect symmetry.

The amount of fat you carry directly relates to the look you have, if you have a low body fat percentage, your likely going to look more aesthetic compared to someone who is ‘bulky’. So if you are looking to get aesthetics, master your diet and trim the fat.

No matter your genetics, anyone can create a ‘V’ taper. If you have a 'blocky' waist, then focus on building broader shoulders and bringing your waistline in. It’s a very simple process that will happen through training and diet combined.

I hope you find these tips helpful and I’ll see you on the next cover of Men’s Health!

Article Supplied by Lewis Davis


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