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BodyPower: How did your career in the fitness industry start, and why?

Rob Lipsett: I set up a Facebook page just for myself so I could make informative fitness posts and track my progress. I ended up receiving hundreds of emails asking for advice and meal plan recommendations. I then started making YouTube videos so I could answer multiple questions to a larger audience. But I still kept receiving messages from people asking for personalised programmes.

This is why I started

BP: What was your childhood dream job?

RL: My father was in the military, he served in Kuwait, Iraq, Israel, etc. I actually grew up on an army barrack. I also loved playing with Action Man toys (didn’t we all). So when I was younger, I wanted to be some sort of commando soldier! My interests changed but I guess you could say I stayed interested in the physical aspect of being a soldier.

BP: How do you stay motivated?

RL: This is just what I love, I don’t need motivation for it. You would have to motivate me to actually stop doing what I am doing. Just like going to sleep or brushing my teeth, hitting the gym is part of my life. In the past, I would go out a lot, I would be drinking and would not care about my nutrition. I would not believe going to the gym would be the best lifestyle out there. In my opinion nothing beats feeling energetic, awake, healthy, athletic, strong, organised… I could go on.

BP: If you weren’t an athlete, what would you be doing?

RL: I would probably go for something in the PR and Communications sector. I am a friendly guy and I love meeting new people. I would definitely be interested in TV presenting too. It kind of goes hand in hand with being a YouTuber. TV is something I may try get into in the future.

BP: What have you been eating today?

RL: Breakfast / Meal 1:

I started my day with an egg white omelette, some white potatoes, spinach, chopped tomatoes and mushrooms.

Snack / Meal 2:

I made a protein smoothie which consisted of ice cubes, milk, almond butter, a scoop of whey protein, a frozen banana and some cocoa powder.

Lunch / Meal 3:

I came home from the gym and had a lentils and rice mix with a fillet steak and some mixed vegs, topped with Sriracha sauce.

Dinner / Meal 4:

I had a home-made burger with extra lean venison mince, some lettuce, onions and some reduced sugar ketchup as well as mustard and sweet potato fries.

Pre-Bed Snack / Meal 5:

Some oats before I hit the hay, mixed with protein, fat free cream cheese (quark) and cinnamon to flavour it all.

BP: What is your supplement stack?

RL: My current stack is:

Vitamin D
Vitamin C
Fish Oils
Creatine Monohydrate

Pre Workout from time to time when I need a kick up.

I’ll also add Citrulline Malate and Beta Alanine to my pre-workout.

I take whey protein too but technically this is not a supplement but a food source. You do not supplement your diet with protein powder since it has macros and calories in it. Instead, you incorporate it into your diet to reach your protein intake.

BP: What does a normal week of training look like for you?

RL: Currently it is:

Day 1: Chest and back
Day 2: Legs and abs
Day 3: Shoulders and arms
Day 4: Chest and back
Day 5: Legs and abs
Day 6: Shoulders and arms
Day 7: Rest

As you can see, I focus on hitting everything twice a week. I’ve also done a Legs / Push / Pull split in the past which I found great. You can find that here -

BP: Favourite exercise of all time?

RL: Cable flies! The stretch, contraction and pump you get from it feels amazing.

BP: Most hated cardio exercise?

RL: I hate any type of slow-paced exercises that drags on, such as LISS walking on a treadmill. If I would ever be doing this form of cardio, I would make sure I listen to something that includes nutritional science. I would zone out and forget that I’m doing cardio. I would rather focus on the knowledge I gain from it.

BP: Your top 3 workout tunes?

RL: It changes very often but at the moment they would be:
1. The Weekend – The Hills (Eminem Remix)

2. Tommy Trash – Wake The Giant

3. Drake – Energy

Favourite of all time? This is a tough choice but I’ll go with:

1. D12 – Fight Music
2. Motorhead – The Ace Of Spades
3. Wiz Khalifa – We Own It (Fast & Furious Soundtrack)