Powerlifting is back for BodyPower 2018


Powerlifting first appeared competitively in the 1970’s and the very original format was simple, consisting of squats and arm curling. Competitors have 3 disciplines to endure with the winner coming from the highest combined score.

The sport has been made up of many different individuals from different walks of life ranging from dog walkers to military, graphic designers to quarry workers and physicists to cobblers. The sport attracts the most unexpected people, you don’t need to look like Arnie to be successful. What you will see at BodyPower is the qualification for the British Finals to qualify for the European and World Championships, representing the best in class from the UK. Competitors will be going head to head for the top 2 places in order to qualify for the World Championships. Only the very best in Great Britain are invited to compete and showcase an outstanding amount of strength and power.

This competition consists of 3 different lifts: squat, bench press and deadlift, each requiring a different approach, technical ability, physical and mental strength. Each athlete is faced with challenging weight with 3 lifts per discipline, aiming to beat all other opponents who stand in their way. An aggregate method of scoring makes for a fantastic spectacle. Competitors have their strengths and weaknesses leaving the competition open right until the very last lift.

Mental as well as physical strength is crucial in powerlifting. If the focus for the lift isn’t there, then it simply will not happen. Psychological games will be apparent as competitors try to gain any possible advantage over their opponents. It’s not just the big guys to look out for, classes are split up into weights, gender and age with some of the fiercest battles between females and lower weight male competitors.

Some exercises will also be RAW, meaning the lifter wears no supportive equipment, including knee wraps, squats suits and bench shirts. Other divisions allow for supportive equipment to be worn, resulting in bigger lifts and potential mistakes due to the difficulty level. Equipped lifting is a spectacle in its own right.

Get your BodyPower ticket and support the very best, most gifted, most dynamic and toughest athletes in Britain.