Losing weight without compromising breast size

Dear Mrs Dumbbell,

I’ve managed to be convinced by a friend to start working out. I’ve put it off for quite some time now wanting to look slimmer before starting a class, but I guess I need to work out to get slimmer. There isn’t much I like about me, but I do like my breasts. Will my boobs get smaller if I start working out? I would feel so sad to see them go. I’ve heard of pills, exercises and diets that can control where I lose weight.

Mandy, 43

Dear Mandy,

Contrary to popular belief, there is no diet or pill that controls where you gain or lose weight. According to the American Council on Exercise, weight loss affects all areas of the body that store fat and I am afraid to say that breasts contains a great deal of fat. Now, you won’t be able to stop your boobs from decreasing, but there are still some exercises you can try in order to get to a moderate result. Harsh dietary restrictions are a big no-no! Not eating right will not help you maintain your chest so cut your daily intake of calories indeed, but keep a balanced diet. Do not only stick to cardio; add some HIIT training and don’t forget weightlifting as it will firm up your pectoral muscles, which helps make your breasts appear larger and firmer.

Finally, remember that you will get slimmer, so your overall aesthetics will improve. You are focused on your breasts at the moment because it is the only part of your body you like, but once you start losing weight, you will gain confidence and the size of your boobs won’t matter that much.

Mrs Dumbbell


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