Bringing the World Amateur BodyBuilding Association to BodyPower


UK President of WABBA, Trevor Chung began his journey in 2005 at the European Championship in Colchester. “I had been invited by Scott Horton who was the GB Vice President, and this was the turning point in my career, never before had I experienced the excitement of an event this big. Team's from all over Europe had congregated on to Essex and the standards of physiques and the levels of camaraderie were almost overwhelming. I relived this experience with WABBA all over the World many times in my career as a competitor and this year we are bringing the same experience to you, at BodyPower's 10th Anniversary Expo.

As a Grand Prix event, the overall Men's Bodybuilding and Miss Bikini Winners will receive their Pro Status and all class winners will be selected to represent WABBA GB at the WABBA International World Championships.”

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