$750,000 Prize Fund for BodyPower Super Series Bodybuilding


Since founding BodyPower in 2009 the organisers that brought you BodyPower Expo, the ultimate showcase for sports nutrition, visionary gym wear and incredible athletes, have gone from strength to strength.

As well as selling tickets for bodybuilding and fitness shows around the world, BodyPower also host some of the biggest and best bodybuilding contests at their expos.

In the past, organisers have been limited to hosting events that were sanctioned by the likes of UKBFF and IFBB, but they have been brave enough to buck the trend and embrace a more accommodating approach giving athletes greater freedom.

Now, if you want to compete in a bodybuilding show you can compete around the world in the BodyPower Super Series for a total prize fund of $750,000.

For a long time bodybuilding federations have limited competitors to appearing only in events that are sanctioned by the governing body. PCA athletes, however, are the new breed of competitor with ambitious plans to attract the best talent to a progressive, forward thinking federation.

BodyPower CEO Nick Orton and his team have provided their hugely respected support to the PCA. By working together with the most forward thinking and progressive federations around the world, PCA members are now able to compete at the prestigious BodyPower Super Series – a range of top class, professionally staged shows.

For an outsider, it might seem obvious. After all, if you drive an Audi no one is saying you can ONLY ever drive an Audi for the rest of your days! If you shop at Waitrose, it’s not like you’re banned from setting foot in Sainsbury’s. But in bodybuilding this is a truly groundbreaking step that will revolutionise the way athletes compete in the future.

Competitors can step on stage with the best lighting, with the biggest crowds, and have the honour to represent their country alongside the most gifted athletes.

The experience is made more special with professional, unbiased judging. PCA judges will commit to audience visible scoring and all officials are approachable.

More details are coming soon #jointherevolution