Ben Melzer: The First Transgender to Be Featured On Health Magazine

Fitness & Wellbeing

You may have never heard of Ben Meltzer, but the 28 years old fitness model is about to make history as he will become the first trans-man to be featured on the European Collector’s Edition Cover of Men's Health Magazine this April.

“My name is Ben, and I am a FtM Transgender from Germany. FtM? That means Female to Male."

“I will be on the Collector’s Edition Cover of Men's Health Magazine, in April, here in Germany. I would like to add that I am going to be the FIRST transguy, in Europe, to achieve that. It is an absolute honor for me and has been my lifelong dream.” Published Ben on his social media.


It all started when Ben was in fact Yvonne, a young and sweet tomboy who didn’t want to wear pink clothes, who only wanted to play with boys and whose “girl things were never his”. Whilst still very young, Yvonne was already claiming to be “a boy”.

As puberty came along and Yvonne started to develop, the teenager realised that “something [was going] wrong.”

Yvonne became Benjamin at the age 23, after undergoing his first transitioning surgery, that the model described himself as “hell.”


Ben entered The German’s Men’s Health cover model contest for the April cover of the mainstream magazine at the end of 2015 with the final held in Hamburg on January 16, 2016.

The model will not appear on the cover as largely reported, but will be featured on the Collector’s Edition Cover of Men's Health Magazine with four other models.

"Many people ask me: Why did you do this?" continues the model. "Why did you go public and tell your story? But that's easy. When I was in that situation, I had no-one to talk to. Nobody to ask all these questions.”

"This is me, and I'm very happy with the man that I've become," Melzer told German newspaper Bild. "My inside and outside finally fit and that's why I'm not at all ashamed to talk about it.”