Archon Combine Comes to BodyPower 2018


Prepare for something unique this BodyPower with Archon Combine. Prove that you are the best in your college, university, club or even between your friends and family. Using a variety of performance tests, whilst taking into account age, weight, height, gender and wingspan, Archon will use a unique algorithm to level the playing field and provide pound for pound results for each individuals relative performance.

There will be 12 assessments to complete throughout the day, each one will have to be completed by each participant.

The 12 assessments are

  1. 3 Rep Max Relative Strength Squat
  2. 3 Rep Max Relative Strength Power Clean
  3. 3 Rep Max Relative Strength Push Press
  4. 2km Row
  5. 3 Minute Wattbike Power Output
  6. Leap (Standing Broadjump)
  7. Jump (Vertical Leap)
  8. 40 (36.58m) Yard Dash
  9. L20 (Change of Direction Assessment)
  10. 30/30 Interval Row
  11. 60 Yard Shuttle
  12. 1km Woodway Run

11/05/2018 - College/University combine. This is for anyone attached to a College or University

12/05/2018 - This is the Open Day. Anyone can compete.

13/05/2018 - This is Club day. Anyone associated to a club, box or local authority.

Registrations for Saturday 12th May, where anyone can compete is NOW OPEN! This competition costs just £60 and includes your BodyPower admission ticket.

Don’t just say you're the best, prove it this BodyPower!