5 things every Athlete knows on Prep!

Prep brain (adjective) the state of craving carbs so badly your brain now lacks what could be considered basic human functioning, or so it seems.

We feel like every athlete who has prepped for a competition understands the struggles you go through every day alongside the relentless dieting and training.

Here are 5 things we are all guilty of:

  1. Forgetting everything…. Taking clean underwear to the gym? Directions to work? Child’s name?
  2. Having multiple images of McDonalds, Dominos, and Krispy Kreme saved to your camera roll… for the times you can’t eat it, so staring at a picture has to do
  3. Trying to get yourself excited for dinner… except you’ve had chicken, rice, and asparagus 3 times today already
  4. Explaining to someone all about the competition, prep process, your goals, aims, and aspirations, for them to respond, ‘but why would you do that…?’
  5. Feeling a hint of guilt while eating your first cheat meal after the show, but then feeling guilty for feeling guilty… you earned this!

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