5 Incredible Offers from BodyPower to Make Valentine’s Day Special


Nothing works harder than your heart…

In fact, the average adult heart beats 72 times a minute; 100,000 times a day; more than 3.5 million times a year and in a 70-year span more than 2.5 billion beats.

Talk about muscular endurance!

But, as we all know, as you grow up your heart is a muscle that belongs to someone else…your swolemate.

Your swolemate (male or female!) may well have flaws. They leave protein powder spills on the kitchen worktop, the toilet seat up, forget to put the bins out, get makeup and hair grips everywhere…but you love them all the same.

Talk about mental endurance!

Do something to make your swolemate happy this Valentine’s Day with exclusive offers that MAY* (*not guaranteed I’m afraid) get them to stop talking about chicken and broccoli.

BodyPower and our partners are offering the following incredible deals for you to treat your loved one to this Valentine’s Day:

1) BodyPower Expo

Fancy being entered into a prize draw for a VIP BodyPower Experience? Buy any Weekend Ticket and we’ll upgrade you and your loved one!

Turn up on Friday evening for the world premiere of Generation Iron 2 with free tickets in the VIP seating area (worth £30) along with the cast! Stay in a hotel on site before you hit BodyPower on Saturday.

Get front row seats at the WBFF evening event on Saturday night (worth £70), tickets to the official BodyPower After Party in the High Line Bar at Resorts World and a hotel room to crash in before you hit BodyPower for your final day on Sunday.

2) Generation Iron 2

It’s the world premiere that everyone in fitness is talking about! Generation Iron 2 will be released to the world on Friday 12th May and tickets are selling fast at £15.

What’s more romantic than a trip to the cinema?! BodyPower will open after hours with a red-carpet event and the whole cast will be there! Get 33% off your Generation Iron tickets for just £10.05

3) Dedicated Eau de Toilette

Fragrance must be one of the most purchased items as a Valentine’s Day present…although I have no facts to back that up!

Either way, who doesn’t want their partner smelling sexy as you cuddle up for a romantic evening once a year? Get £10 off a bottle of Dedicated by BodyPower.

4) Yolo Food Company

For just £49.49 you can ‘cook’ for your swolemate for the whole day. Let’s face it, they spend too much time prepping their meals instead of paying you the attention you deserve – so think of this as a gift for both of you!!

Check out the full bundle including Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and sides all for this incredible price at www.yolofoodcompany.com

5) The Supplement Store

Admittedly champagne is very much the drink of choice for romancing couples but this is BodyPower – and we’re more likely to clink shakers full of protein than neck back fizz.

Nothing says ‘I love you’ to your swolemate more than Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey 2.27kg and you get ON Creatine 144g, ON Training Diary, ON Towel & and ON Mini Shaker

Enter code VALENTINE at the checkout!

Have a fantastic day and if all else fails – you can always stick to the old classic and get them a BodyPower UK ticket!