What the heck is conditioning?

Fitness & Wellbeing

You walk into a gym class and have that annoying gym instructor who is happy about everything. Your local gym is offering a BodyPump class, and all you know is that you want to get fit and healthy. Basically, look like like your idol.

Your aim is to increase your strength, speed and endurance.

A great way to really start conditioning is to get involved in a gym class, maybe like BodyPump. BodyPump is an overall muscle-conditioning class run by the vast majority of gym chains up and down the country and around the world. The classes are choreographed and exercises are built into specific songs. So you may find yourself doing a routine to the latest R&B track and think 50cent may join in. It’s fun!!!

Time to time you will hear trainers and “fitness gurus” throwing around the word "conditioning" -- it can reference a few different types of exercise. Body conditioning involves exercises that build your strength, speed, endurance and any other physical characteristics. Conditioning workouts can burn fat, build on muscle and prep your body for the world of sport. Basically, any workout you do in the comfort of your home, outdoors and or in the gym is body conditioning, but you should work on a stabilised workout to get the best out of your familiarised workout.

Each exercise concentrates on an individual muscle group. It’s always more or less the same workout, but it’s not boring at all. It consists of a warm-up squats, upper body, lower body and the followed by a cool-down.

Conditioning is all about energy!!! The body is a system that fuel power muscle contraction. The body has various different systems with compromises of different attributes. An example would be the heart and lungs. It can be like a low power outlet but can last a long time. You have a few anaerobic systems, but they all produce a lot of power over short periods of time (from a couple of seconds to almost a minute), but also seem to cause more fatigue.

Why is body conditioning good for you though? It’s improving your fitness, tones, hones and work on your heart and lungs. You learn new techniques, learn how to use your body as a machine, use equipment that is and great for losing weight. Average per Bodypump class you will lose around 450 calories. But the harder you work the more you burn!!! Convinced to get off the sofa yet and get that banging body you really want instead of just seeing it on Instagram? Well do it!

But, no matter what category of conditioning you're wanting to capture, think about your own personal fitness intention, your current conditioning levels are at and also any physical limits you have, injuries that could weigh you down too. One way to training is to add in new mixes and the type of conditioning you throughout your training week, switching between aerobic and anaerobic workouts to encapsulate your routine and get the best of both sides.

There are 100’s of classes out there to attend up and down the country. If you want to learn more then come to BodyPower Experience which is held at the NEC, Birmingham on from the 10th-12th May 2019 and join the 100,000 fitness enthusiasts.

By Sunil Sandhu