What is Aesthetic Fitness?


You want to look like a Greek God!

You want to look aesthetically pleasing, that’s your goal. You’re going to look amazing. You want to look defined and have that balanced muscular physique that really emphasises those beautiful lines over the muscle quantity. While aesthetics is a term that has lost real meaning along the way, it’s concept goes wayyyyyyy back.

We use the term aesthetic a heck of a lot in the lifting world. The one word you won’t escape at all.

You want to look good. Perfect angles and symmetry. You want to really look like that Greek god. You want to walk down Copacabana beach and have those guys and girls feel weak at their knees as you strut your stuff.

Let’s take a look at waist size for example. There's not a lot to be done about it other than get rid of a few extra pounds of fat. But that’s not the overall focus. Instead you attempt to emphasise your aesthetics by building your chest size up to standard with respect to your current waist size.

We like to see you drive every muscle group all over your body, from the top to the very bottom as burly and as powerful as humanly possible. This then creates a more overall strength base and a more aesthetically pleasing physique.

What does aesthetic training really mean though, it means a lot less reduction and more enhancement. The body will be attacked as a whole, from head to toe, trying to get the Greek god look, let’s face it a lot who train like this just want the followers on Instagram right?

The goal is to construct that base to work, really wanting to make sure that all muscle groups are focused on leading to a more aesthetic and focused physique.

Having the motivation to get that God-like bod is important. You are much more likely to build muscle on a routine that you enjoy. Considerably more than a uninteresting option of "I got to do it or I lose all progress!"

One thing to remember when training is that what you put in your body is fundamental. You are constantly hammering your muscles, so you need to repair them with lots of the right food that your body needs.

But remember this all happens over time. If you have really good exercise programs and are pushing the body’s boundaries, you'll make quality muscle gains and smash it, own it and rock it. Build the aesthetics.

We can show you how, we have the workshops and World-class speakers from all over the globe that can tell you all you need to know at BodyPower Experience which takes place at the NEC in Birmingham over 3 inspirational days, 10th-12th May.

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By Sunil Sandhu


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