The Apprentice - their hardest task yet


Being a candidate on The Apprentice is certainly no walk in the park. Every week the candidates have their limits pushed. Even those that are the most self-assured individuals feel the burn.

Lord Sugar tasked the teams with the tough challenge in which the candidates were to sell gym products at as he put it “one of the world's largest bodybuilding expos”. Although BodyPower is now a fitness show, bodybuilding is at our core and will always remain so.

Last night we saw Alex Finn get shown the boardroom door for good and lose out on the lucrative £250,000 investment from Alan Sugar. But Alex, the squirrel from the Wirral businessman believes that it was Sabrina who should have been shown the door.

Alex says he definitely would have done a lot better, he really wanted to have done the project and manage the task himself, just because of the amount of mistakes Sabrina made along the way.

But as viewers we might be thinking “What the hell” after watching Alex's performance on the day. The 21-year-old didn't manage to sell any gym equipment, and from that Sabrina sent him to join the sub-team who were spray tanning.

Was Sabrina quaking in her boots about the lack of sales and was it her game plan to pick on the weakest link in the team? To have him turned out of the process? She knew during the last hour of the day the vast amount of deals would come through, which they did, and she’d be there to take the orders. So, was he shafted?

So those involved in BodyPower and exhibit at the show will know the challenge every year is to keep growing your business and really get in front of those 100,000 visitors. The candidates on this year’s Apprentice are there for just a weekend. They are there for your entertainment as a viewer. They are all there competing against each other to really “shaft” each other to get Lord Sugar to take notice of them, and to get their hands on the £250,000 investment prize.

BodyPower started a whopping 10 years ago, almost 11. Going into our 11th anniversary, we have some very exciting plans…197 days to go and there’s lots to do. From exhibitors and visitors, we have taken all the feedback from the past 10 years and this year we are implementing the changes you want. Unlike the candidates you can’t just just go into business and be that entrepreneur and be the big brand straight away. You have to work with all those in the industry you are apart of and grow organically.

But going back to Alex's reaction after Sabrina took decision to move him to the tanning booth. The show's youngest contestant was obviously very disgruntled and made his point clear that as a man himself, he was not the really the right person to sell a ‘female’ product, little did he know that there were hundreds of men faked tanned up during that weekend.

But if you moved on over to BBC2 after The Apprentice on BBC1 following his exit the young squirrel from the Wirral went on to say that what he had said, needed some clarity and in his own words: "I based my comments on real world experience. I think the tanning market is heavily aimed towards females in the real world”

By Sunil Sandhu

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