Playing sports or the gym?


After the most amazing summer we have had, well since I can remember… I think we all got pretty lazy and many of us spent it relaxing in a beer garden or park! But, thanks to the summer, a lot of us wanted to walk around with our tops off and attract a lot of attention. So we had to workout. Thanks to the World Cup this year, a lot of got into the spirit and wanted a game for ourselves. But the domino effect occurred and we partook in tennis, rugby matches, and swimming lessons, this is the time of year you're most likely to break out of your usual fitness routine and slob out in front of the TV.

Even if you're motivated and able to keep fit in the autumn and winter months and indulge in a game of indoor football, basketball or tennis classes, the resilience you achieved over the summer may not shift on over when you're moving away from the usual gym activities.

So which is better, sports or the gym?

Playing sport certainly has its amazing advantages. Playing a sport involves the overall use of the body. It’s good for coordination, mental well-being and physiological awareness. Plus, you’re going to find in a particular sport that you will excel in it, your going to have to go so you don’t let your team down. No one wants a chink in their chain now do they?

But on the flip side to that, going to the gym is also good. It’s self discipline to make the effort to get up and go to to the gym itself. The gym is the place where you can really hone in a concentrate on your strength and flexibility.

Keeping active is the dominant part of sustaining a healthy lifestyle and whether you go to the gym or involved in playing sports, both are amazing contenders to staying fit and healthy. But we all have our own individual preferences for either getting involved in a team sport or going to the gym. But there are some that enjoy doing both and it’s depending on what you are trying to achieve. There is always going to be one that is going to be more favourable than the other.

Having a workout out in the gym can be a great way to help achieve many desired goals such as improving strength, capability, cardio and muscle building fitness. But then we have a group of people find the gym being very boring and everything then becomes stagnant and there is a lack of determination to go to the gym and work out. Group fitness classes available in gyms can help for those who don’t like working out by alone and these classes can be a more fun, motivating and a social place to meet friends. If this isn’t your thing, then sport could be the way.

Sport has everything to offer from individual to team sports. You can play socially or on a competitive level. So many people play sport is because it’s social and can be thrilling this is the major factor in getting people to be physically, mentally and socially active. If you enjoy that then you will want to continue to do it and through getting involved on a regular basis. You can enjoy cardiovascular and muscular benefits without sometime realising because you are having so much fun. The cheer and togetherness among team sports can be an critical aspect in continual involvement and the feeling when winning as a team is like no other. You won’t achieve the exact health goals that you may have wanted and you can have from having a work out in the gym but playing sports and being active certainly is one to think about.

By Sunil Sandhu