By Naomi MacArthur - Why stepping out of your comfort zone is so important

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Never be limited by your fears.

We often hold ourselves back from doing what we want in life due to the fear of not succeeding. Fear is a natural instinct to protect us from danger but it can also inhibit us from reaching our full potential.

The fear of the unknown is something I've always experienced. I felt like I had to be absolutely certain about everything to feel safe and secure in the world. However, this created limitations in my life because I held myself back but this is something I'm aware of now and I don't want this to stop me anymore!

Everyone can be afraid sometimes but it’s about not giving those feelings power, persevering despite them and actually breaking through those fear barriers.

Many of you will have goals for the year ahead and it’s important to remember that by doing what you’ve never done before, you will achieve what you never had and be more than you’ve ever been ?

Change can be hard especially if you’ve been behaving a certain way for a long time. We create certain habits which can be good or bad in our daily lives and it’s hard to break them.

I suffered from anorexia when I was a teenager and restricted food, obsessing about calories and weight became part of my daily life. However although it took time I did manage to change these behaviours and this was down to me wanting to get better and consciously changing what I was doing.

Remember we become accustomed to what we do and the hardest part of creating change is taking that initial first step, changing those unhealthy behaviours and creating new healthy patterns.

By accepting the uncertainty, we can take risks which enables us to realise our true potential, we can face our fears and find our own self-confidence, we can expose our vulnerability and finally find connection and we can also stop holding ourselves back because we love ourselves and know we are enough whatever the outcome.

Although we can be nearly certain about most aspects in life nothing is ever guaranteed... other of course then the absolute certainty that if you disconnect from your true self you will disconnect from the world around you...

Stepping outside of my comfort zone was the best decision I ever made and if you feel stuck in your ways I urge you to do the same because once you do you’ll realise how much more life has to offer ????

By Naomi MacArthur


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