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Bodypower Experience
10th - 12th may 2019
Nec, Birmingham

Looking to keep healthy?
To change your lifestyle?
learn more about nutrition?
Get fitness advice?



Whether you are a vegan, vegetarian or a straight up meat lover we cover everything you need to know to ensure you have a balanced diet. Check out some of the best food companies in THE MALL.


Learn how to use food supplements the right way. Shop from the latest brands and get the best supplements in the industry - only at BODYPOWER EXPERIENCE 2019.


Struggling with celiac disease or lactose intolerant? We can help you make sure you're not missing out in the nutrition you need. THE CAMPUS, hosts NUTRITION which will hold a series of educational talks and a live kitchen with some of the best Nutritionists in the industry.


Equipment & form

Not getting the results you hoped for? It may be to do with the equipment you are using and how you are using it. Learn the correct form in GYM TOWN to ensure you get the results you want and reduce injury.


BRANDS BRANDS BRANDS! Step into THE MALL where you can shop the latest fitness brands to ensure your kitted out with best apparel for your next gym sesh.


Bored of the Gym? Bored of the same old exercises? It may be time to try something new, whether it's FUNCTIONAL FUN or CARDIO CITY, your bound to find something to try out in GYM TOWN.


Fitness Testing

Step into THE CAMPUS where you can take part in a series of fitness testing, get tips and advice on how to improve your fitness.

Beauty & Cosmetics

Looking good and feeling confident is a big part of the fitness industry. Check out some of our cosmetic & beauty brands to get the latest tips.


No need for a trip to the doctors, we are hosting a series of health checks, such as diabetes, blood pressure and heart disease.

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