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For anyone thinking of competing in 2017, BodyPower have got some fantastic contests lined up to suit every taste!

UKUP are the now in their 3rd year of holding fitness competitions around the UK working with the motto ‘WITH THE ATHLETES FOR THE ATHLETES’.

BodyPower will witness the best physiques in the UK competing to be crowned the UK's Ultimate Physiques BodyPower Classic Champion in their chosen category. Categories for men and women range from Physique, Classic Bodybuilding, Bikini, Figure, Model.

TO COMPETE IN THE UKUP BODYPOWER CLASSIC YOU WILL NEED TO BE A UKUP MEMBER and this entitles you to FREE competition entry. In order to compete you will need to have purchased a ticket to BodyPower in addition to your competition entry.

UKUP are going to be running the UKUP BodyPower Classic on the Auditorium stage on Friday 12th May 2017 following recent confirmation.

UKUP BodyPower Classic Registration Timings

Main registration: 9.00am-10.00am on the morning of the show (athlete’s registration point near the BodyPower main entrance, if you can’t find it please ask a member of staff from the NEC)

UKUP BodyPower Classic Timings

Athletes meeting: 10.15am (backstage)

Spectators seating: 10.30am

Show starts: 11.30am

Finish: estimated 6pm

UKUP BodyPower Classic Running Order

Competitors will enter the stage, perform a t-walk followed by comparisons (except Classic Bodybuilding, who will perform a 60 second routine first then comparisons)

Each category will last 15 mins on average:

  • Ultimate Male Model
  • Ultimate Female Model
  • Ultimate Men's Physique
  • Ultimate Bikini
  • Ultimate Pro Bikini
  • Ultimate Pro Physique
  • (Interval Break) 5-10 Mins
  • Ultimate Classic Bodybuilding
  • Ultimate Men's Physique Beginner 178cm And Under
  • Ultimate Men’s Physique Over 178cm
  • Ultimate Men’s Physique Junior
  • Ultimate Men’s Athletic Physique
  • Ultimate Bikini Beginner
  • Ultimate Bikini Athletic
  • Ultimate Figure Toned
  • Ultimate Figure Trained

(interval break) 10 -15 mins

Presentation, awards and placings (same order as above)

For further information competitors, can contact Glen (07453306231) or Wes (07732996176)