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Have you got the physique, marketability and ambition to become the next big name in fitness modelling? Fit Factor is the place where aspiring Indian fitness models can strut their stuff!

This is a fitness model competition that has taken the nation by storm, with hundreds of entrants taking part in regional castings for a chance to step on stage at BodyPower India 2017 in front of thousands of fitness fans.

The show is judged 50% on physique, 50% on whether the competitor has the 'Fit Factor', so personality, presentation on stage, grooming, attractiveness and choice of outfits are all key to success.

The judges are industry experts carefully chosen for their knowledge and ability to further your career.

Think you’ve got what it takes?! Well here’s what happens:

Day 1 (6th Jan 2017)

  • Final Auditions: A chance for who missed out on selection at the Regional Castings to give it one last shot to make the finals
  • Posing Workshop: Last minute tips on how to make the most of your time on the stage and impress the judges

Day 2 (7th Jan 2017):

1st Round: Swimwear Individual T Walk

2nd Round: Group posing with live feedback in the swimwear round

The Top 50 (Male & Female) entrants qualify for the finals on day three. Regional Winners will qualify automatically

Day 3 (8th Jan 2017):

1st Round: Sportswear with Individual T Walk & posing.

2nd Round: Swimwear round with group posing and Q&A/Feedback

Top 3 Males and Females are announced before the winners of Fit Factor India are crowned!