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Workplace Fitness at BP: Fitness Trade Show fits neatly in the discussion of improving employee productivity and supporting healthy behaviour through ‘corporate wellbeing’ or ‘corporate wellness’ schemes.

Weight management programs and the provision of on-site fitness facilities or programs are primary health programs designs to target a fitter, healthier employee population. The Workplace Fitness feature at BP: Fitness Trade Show will cover everything from equipment provision, gym installation and how engaging with employees can reduce sick leave and stress and improve self-confidence and productivity.

Workplace Fitness at BP: Fitness Trade Show will discuss and focus on how the fitness industry can work with businesses to deliver fitness solutions. Ideal for any HR Manager, Business Owner or fitness professional looking to learn more about expanding their offering to corporations.

- Fitforwork: Using the government backed initiative

- How to incorporate fitness into the workplace

- Panel discussion: benefits of workplace fitness trackers

- Top tips for setting up a corporate gym

- The future of corporate wellness programs

- Why fitness is good for your bottom line

- How to sit fit at work

- Gym equipment for small & limited workplaces