Change Country

Great coaching, delivered by fitness professionals to their clientele, can be a make or break scenario when it comes to client retention and new client opportunities.

The Practical Coaching area at BP: Fitness Trade Show is set to feature some of the most respected and reputable trainers in the industry with delegates given the opportunity for hands-on workshops to improve the scope of their offering to members – including advice on inclusion and catering for a wide range of clients.

The Practical Coaching area will be based around equipment and functional demos designed to offer fitness professionals new options and practical application for the benefit of clients and members that could ultimately help drive revenue, retention and new opportunities.

- If you're not assessing you're guessing: The importance of movement assessments to accelerate your results
- What you need to know about preparing your clients for physique
- Women are from Venus: How you should be adapting female programmes to maximise returns
- Essential understanding of bodyweight exercise
- The fundamentals of programming and what to consider
- Olympic weightlifting masterclass