Whether you’re a hotelier looking to improve the menu options available in your bar area, a gym owner looking to add a catering area for secondary spend or a fitness professional looking to provide your clients with better knowledge around their meal plan, BP Nutrition at BP: Fitness Trade Show is an ideal destination and the show that covers the business of fitness.

Nutrition is an area of fitness that is littered with misconceptions and misunderstanding. BP Nutrition at BP: Fitness Trade Show will showcase top nutritionists and performance coaches so that delegates come away with a better understanding of the facts, theories and practical application.

From understanding the basics of calories and macronutrients to showcasing the use of nutrition as a secondary spend opportunity to improve commercial performance, BP Nutrition will explore everything from healthy menu choices to sports nutrition and the provision of supplements.

BP Nutrition will help delegates understand how your clients, members or employees can improve their wellbeing through food choices.


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