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This is not to be confused with active ageing. The 50+ Fitness market and Britain’s ageing population remains largely untapped. The 50+ Fitness stream at BP: Fitness Trade Show focuses not only on the practical element of older adult programming but also looks at attracting new clients from a demographic with higher disposable income.

A well-designed facility will ultimately attract new members and given the fact many retirees have a higher amount of disposable income compared to, say, the 18-29 demographic that gyms traditionally attract, this could be a key point of differentiation to competitors.

Given that new and existing Residential Care Homes are now installing fitness facilities to attract new customers, how is your facility working with the 50+ market and adapting to their requirements? Visit 50+ Fitness at BP: Fitness Trade Show for advice and case studies that may well open new revenue streams.

As the saying goes, “You don't stop exercising because you get old, you get old because you stop exercising!”

- Lifestyle and training programmes to enjoy fifty-plus fitness

- The basics of personal training for seniors

- Specialised older adult programming at your fitness facility

- Age appropriate fitness equipment

- Attracting elderly clients

- Senior fitness personal training

- Changing the environment to cater for 50+ clients

- Marketing to older consumers

- Fitness in care & nursing homes