Online Personal Training - Manage your online clients easily and efficiently

Fitphase is a brand new system designed to give Personal Trainers a one-stop platform to manage their online clients

With a range of features, this is service is free to sign up to.

Client Check-In

Allow clients to check-in periodically and effectively manage their progress

Client Management

Easily manage & communicate with your clients. No need for back and forth emails

Easy to Use

A beautifully simple and easy to use interface for both Personal Trainers and clients

Card Payments

Take secure & instant one-off or recurring card payments from clients

Mobile Friendly

Manage your clients while you’re on the move. FitPhase works perfectly on Desktops, Laptops, Tablets and Phones. Communicate and keep track of your clients - anywhere, anytime.

Trainer Websites

Each trainer gets their own personalised website where new clients can find out more about you, sign up to and pay for plans online.

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