• Protein: Why we need it, and where to get it on a vegan diet

    It’s the tired old chestnut asked by those who think meat, fish, eggs and dairy are the only proper sources of protein. The glib answer is to ask where gorillas, elephants, horses and rhinos get theirs! Some human populations have been thriving on plant-based protein for thousands of years, and if you eat enough calories in a varied, vegan diet,...

    Nutty Banana PancakesNutty pancakes have a great mix of carbs and protein to help refuel your tank post-run. This simple recipe turns a classic unhealthy favourite into a healthy snack! 2 eggs1 very ripe banana1 tbsp flaxseedsplash of vanilla extract1 tbsp of peanut butterhandful of strawberries Mash the banana and add whisked eggs. Mix togethe...

    Get your sweet fix post workout with these healthy recovery-boosting brownies