Macro VS Micro Influencers in the Fitness Industry - The Big Question

There is absolutely no doubt about the appeal of influencer marketing in general - 94% of marketers have said it's an effective form of marketing. Like few other human-led marketing pursuits, influencers offer a measurable, illustratable impact. Television advertisements, billboards and publications have given way to a brave new world of CPC (cost per click) and CPA (cost per acquisition). And driving many of those crucial clicks is the influencer, leading to dramatic increases in budgets. In fact, 23% of marketers plan on increasing their influencer marketing budget by 30-50% in 2019. But where best to spend it? Let's take a look at what works best - macro or micro. Especially in terms of the fitness industry.

What Are They?

  • Micro Influencers - Below 10,000 followers
  • Macro Influencers - 10,000 - 300,000 followers

Micro Influencers - Less is More?

So why is less sometimes more? The reason - loyalty. The major positive about a micro influencer driven campaign is that they are hands-on with their audience, more so than any of the other groups. We are not accusing macro influencers of neglecting their audience, far from it, but it is true that smaller-scale influencers, in general, share a more intimate relationship with their audience. Almost like a friend to their followers, a micro influencer regularly engages with their followers, answering Q&As and taking their ideas and comments on board. Ultimately, they are trusted and listened to by their loyal supporters. This is reflected in the stats too.

According to a Kelly Fay Group and Experticity survey, 82% of people were highly likely to follow the recommendation of a micro influencer. This results in the highest engagement rate of all influencers. The engagement rate for influencers with less than 35,000 followers stands at an impressive 5.3%. Go over 35,000 followers though to influencers with 35-50k and engagement stands just shy of half of that (2.5%). The numbers drop off the higher you go. In addition to that, with only 3% of micro-influencers charging above £380 for a post, they are affordable too.

Micro influencers are a truly effective way of reaching your target audience. They enjoy a close relationship with their audience which in-turn multiplies their capacity for engagement compared to macro influencers. They are low cost, and for a fee of around £5-7k, it is possible to reach out to around 1 million users. Enjoying conversion rates that are around 20% higher than macro influencers, a 6x return on investment is not uncommon.

Micro Influencers in the Health & Fitness Industry

Should you offer a product that fits into the life and soul of a micro influencers life, you can enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship. Wireless headphones, lightweight metal bottles, health food package services and more have all succeeded in finding their audience through micro influencers. In a world where trust is valued above anything, a product or service that offers a proven health benefit can all enjoy positive engagement. Many of a health and fitness influencer's audience is on a personal journey that is supported by that influencer, meaning that they are likely to make purchase decisions based on their recommendations. With the engagement rate of micro influencers the highest of any, they are a powerful tool in the armoury.

Macro-Influencers - Utter Transparency

So after reading that, isn't the answer clear? Micro over macro? It's not quite that simple.

Micro influencers tend to have a clear niche which can make them difficult to access for some brands. Macro influencers tend to diversify more, meaning they are open to the prospect of marketing more products. This can be especially beneficial when targeting more niche items such as health and wellness.

They offer a higher target audience, meaning that if your service is one that simply needs to be shared and noticed - macro is the way to go. Macro influencers are often famous faces too, meaning that the message may well stick around for longer. This also gives them an advantage over micro-influencers, in that they are not necessarily dependent on their content in the way that their smaller counterparts are. While too many sponsored posts might start to see a micro influencer's audience turn on them, the wider, more established audience of a macro influencer is unlikely to dwindle in the same way. It is with this in mind that they are able to appeal more to the needs of a brand. Micro should always put content first, a macro influencer can be more receptive to the wishes of a business.

Macro influencers strike a good balance between reach and engagement. They have likely been around for some time and earn a living from the medium, meaning they can produce high-quality, natural content with more of a chance of viral content. Though they require a higher budget than the humble macro influencer, they are more or less a guarantee of quality, reach and engagement. The holy trinity.

Macro Influencers in the Health & Fitness Industry

Reach can be vital for a health and fitness product. In creating awareness, it can prompt even non-buyers to reconsider in the future. It is important to consider the role of your influencer in the fitness world, and whether their lifestyle matches the profile of your target audience. A macro influencer not only offers a wider audience but a wider range of products that they can fit seamlessly into their day to day - meaning they can be a popular choice in the health and wellness field.

So, Which Is It?

In conclusion, micro influencers are ideal for those with small budgets, wanting high engagement, while macro influencers can be great for balancing reach and engagement. However, an influencer marketing strategy should be diverse, and there should be an element of experimentation to any. Exploring the merits of both for your personal brand campaign should be a consideration at first, even if you want to focus more of your budget in one direction or another. Once you have found the influencers that work for you and a strategy that is paying dividends, replicate it.

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