• BodyPower Experience 2019 Highlights

  • Black Friday BodyPower Discounts!

    The biggest Black Friday weekend to date, we're offering unmissable offers on BodyPower tickets for a limited time only!  Get £5 OFF Standard tickets and a huge £10 OFF* Team BodyPower and BodyPower Elite Tickets, but be quick, these offers are only available until Monday 2nd December.  We have some very exciting announcements on features, exh...

    We are delighted to announce the launch of a brand new, two-day fitness lifestyle event catered specifically for the unique London fitness market. Gym Live, located at Olympia on September 26th and 27th will add another string to BodyPower’s bow showcasing a different aspect and offering to the industry in both a B2B and B2C capacity.
  • BodyPower Experience 2020 - Tickets on Sale Now!

    Tickets for the most INSPIRATIONAL weekend of the year are on sale now! The BodyPower Experience, NEC, Birmingham on the 15-17th May 2020! As you enter the show be blown away by the energy which fills all six huge halls, packed full of excitement, new and existing products, great tasting snacks and protein rich foods, fitness clothing, along wit...

    You've finished your run...now what? Boost your health and improve your performance with these 10 must-try post-run habits.
  • Protein: Why we need it, and where to get it on a vegan diet

    It’s the tired old chestnut asked by those who think meat, fish, eggs and dairy are the only proper sources of protein. The glib answer is to ask where gorillas, elephants, horses and rhinos get theirs! Some human populations have been thriving on plant-based protein for thousands of years, and if you eat enough calories in a varied, vegan diet,...

    Nutty Banana PancakesNutty pancakes have a great mix of carbs and protein to help refuel your tank post-run. This simple recipe turns a classic unhealthy favourite into a healthy snack! 2 eggs1 very ripe banana1 tbsp flaxseedsplash of vanilla extract1 tbsp of peanut butterhandful of strawberries Mash the banana and add whisked eggs. Mix togethe...

    Get your sweet fix post workout with these healthy recovery-boosting brownies


    Power up with these energy-enhancing micronutrients, says nutritionist Louise Pyne. There’s a secret group of nutrients that help keep energy levels high for your runs: B vitamins. There are eight types of B vitamins, and the more active you are, the more your body needs, as exercise uses up your supply. A study by Oregon State University found ...
  • 15 top tips for building lean muscle on a vegan diet

    1 Eat real food Whole unprocessed foods will help you stay leaner, because what you see is what you get. There are no hidden nasties. While meat-free alternatives can be delicious, there are often hidden sugars and fats that prevent us from leaning up and absorbing nutrients. 2 Macros Do you eat a good balance of carbs, fats and proteins? To bui...
  • Macro VS Micro Influencers in the Fitness Industry - The Big Question

    There is absolutely no doubt about the appeal of influencer marketing in general - 94% of marketers have said it's an effective form of marketing. Like few other human-led marketing pursuits, influencers offer a measurable, illustratable impact. Television advertisements, billboards and publications have given way to a brave new world of CPC (cost per click) and CPA (cost per acquisition). And driving many of those crucial clicks is the influencer, leading to dramatic increases in budgets. In fact, 23% of marketers plan on increasing their influencer marketing budget by 30-50% in 2019. But where best to spend it? Let's take a look at what works best - macro or micro. Especially in terms of the fitness industry.
  • F.I.T Stage Timetables