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Thanks for hitting the ‘about us’ tab…BodyPower is a lifestyle fitness brand, originally from the UK, we have been operating in India for over 9 years, with bases in north, south, east, west and the northeast of the country. We are perhaps best known for BodyPower expo’s, which are huge fitness events attracting hundreds of thousands of fitness enthusiasts, but we also run loads of different competitions, like the massive beach body festivals, fitness modelling comp’s called fit factor, bodybuilding shows, powerlifting, and various other live events….we have a chain of awesome gyms, training academy, cool clothing and accessories and chain of BodyPower Café – Tasty, freshly prepared Nutritionally balanced meal, direct to your door step!
If you’re passionate about fitness, or looking to partner with us for Gym or Academy or 
Café, please get in touch here !-

( Hyperlink to contact form )

However you get involved with us, we are happy to hear from you.

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