BodyPower Athlete Academy

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Do You Aspire To Become A Sponsored Athlete?

The BodyPower Athlete Academy is a fantastic new service aimed at assisting athletes on their journey to becoming fitness stars

As an athlete, do you fully understand what is required to take the fitness industry by storm?

Are you convinced that you’ve got something different to offer this industry?

By joining the BodyPower Athlete Academy, recruits learn about branding, business, communication, social media and much more

Prove yourself as a positive role model, handle the media and develop your portfolio

Train your brain as well as your body, understand that success is based on so much more than your physique

What could you offer a sponsor? Stand out from the crowd

With over 500 top global fitness brands registered to receive details on BodyPower Athlete Academy recruits, can you afford to miss out?

The BodyPower Athlete Academy gives you the tools to truly fulfil your potential

Join the BodyPower Athlete Academy and you’ve already got a head start on your way to the pinnacle of the fitness industry.

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