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Athlete Updates

One Month to Go Until BodyPower 2017

Amidst incredible demand for BodyPower tickets, the clock is ticking ever-closer to the world’s la...


Gold Tickets SOLD OUT for BodyPower 2017

BodyPower are anticipating a bumper year for ticket sales in 2017 with the UK expo (running from 12t...

Athlete Updates

Who is Coming to BodyPower Expo 2017?

BodyPower UK is the largest indoor consumer fitness expo in the world. Will there be top athletes co...


BodyPower UK: Check Out Our New Website

There’s a remarkable 57 days, or 1 month and 6 days, until BodyPower Expo opens its doors for the...


Top Prizes and Huge Interest for BodyPower Model Search

Nationwide search for the next top fitness model attracts huge interest in first year as well as sec...

Athlete Updates

Fit Fortnight Week One Round-Up BodyPower Athletes Confirmed

It’s the second annual outing of BodyPower’s ‘Fit Fortnight’ marketing campaign, a 2-week pe...

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