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Athlete Updates

Shawn Rhoden UK Tour – The Highlights

The StatsHeight: 5ft 10inWeight: 240lbs (On Season)Best Achievement: 3rd place, 2014 Mr OlympiaFacebookInstagramTwitterWebsiteCheck out this video as ...

Nutrition, Diet & Science

Flexible Dieting & IIFYM – Part 3

Carbohydrates are crucial for strength and resistance whilst training individuals, as a lowered amount can impair performance (Helms, et al., 2014)....

Nutrition, Diet & Science

The Chain of Success

What is more important, training, dieting or resting? It is often said and believed that nutrition is responsible for 70% of your growth and whilst 3...


Can You Handle This Entrance?

Why walk into BodyPower expo when you can fight your way in? That’s right…welcome to THE GAUNTLET! Just walking into the awesome BodyPower expo i...

Fitness & Wellbeing

The BP Team Tries KettFusion

Have you ever thought: “I’m bored with the same workout. I need something new.”? Well, the BP Team is going on a mission (photos to prove it) to...


What Did You Miss in the News This Week?

79 medals at the Rio 2016 Olympics? Could Team GB pull off such a huge medal haul? We know one girl who will be going for Gold in August. Zoe Smith wi...

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